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Haftar pledges alliance to HoR but rejects unity government


Retired General Khalifa Haftar issued, Sunday, a statement on behalf of the general command of Libyan armed forces, in which the Command confirmed its continuation in fighting what the statement called “terrorism strongholds all over Libya, and it won’t spare any efforts in doing so, until we achieve security for our wounded home”.

Haftar said “the command is seeking to form strong Libyan army capable of defending Libyan lands against inside and outside enemies, and protect frontiers from illegal smuggling with all its forms”.

The statement confirmed its alliance to House of Representatives (HoR) and respect to its policies and decisions.

On the other hand, the statement said that it won’t allow HoR to be subjected to any western or external pressures or to acquiesce to any government that claims consensus, but tends to support terrorist elements inside Libya.

Although the statement accuses the HoR presidency of acquiescing to western pressures, and rejects unity government as it came with external pressures, the statement confirmed that the army got real promises from Russia and friendly countries for cooperation against terrorism and building Libyan army able to deal with any threats facing Libya.

Haftar admitted in a speech, last month, that his military operations in Benghazi won’t exceed three weeks but he couldn’t carry out that promise, despite the fact that his forces are stronger than militias he is fighting, but couldn’t defeat.

He also said that the army is well armed and can liberate whole states, but it lacks experience and capability to accomplish results on the ground as it includes new ill-experienced elements.

He acknowledges that weapons and ammunitions are being depleted, as they are sold to unknown parties other than the army.

He said that people are wondering when will Benghazi be freed, but those are the reasons behind the delay of alleged Operation Doom.