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Emazzeb announces his opinion and advises GNC members


One of the leaders in Justice and Construction party, Abdulrazeg El-Aradi published on his Facebook page an open letter from former member in the General National Congress (GNC), Mohamed Saad Emazzeb, to the GNC members on Friday 16th of October.

El-Aradi described Emazzeb’s letter of being an historic document from an ex-member of delegation of the GNC to the Libyan dialogue, who advised his colleagues and announced his stance clearly.

“We have ahead a serious fateful decision Libyans in all categories await us to take, children, youth, men and elderlies. We have to look closely and think deeply to take our country to the safety shore,” Emazzeb said.

Emazzeb said that the GNC chose the UN backed talks, which is a strategic decision. A team was formed for it and talks lasted for more than 10 months in a row.

Emazzeb”s letter proceeds:

“After negotiations reached its end with the issuance of the (political agreement document) mid-October containing main ideas that include:

1- The commitment to the unity, independence, sovereignty of Libya and its total control on its lands, in addition to refusing any foreign interference in internal affairs (as mentioned in the first paragraph of the ruling principles).

2- The commitment to making Islamic Sharia the source of all legislations and what contradicts it is void.

3- All parties’ conviction to all forms of authoritarianism practiced by the former regime, and asserting on not duplicating them (mentioned in the 7th paragraph of the ruling principles).

4- Commitment to principles of the 7th of February revolution (as mentioned in the 6th paragraph of the ruling principles) which means that the state will be built on the rules and principles of this blessed uprising.

5- The commitment to announce consensus between HoR, State Council, and the national accord government (as mentioned in the 12th paragraph of the ruling principles).

6- The state’s monopoly to police and army institutions, excluding officers from the political arena (as mentioned in the 18th paragraph of the ruling principles).

7- Dissolving and merging of militias into state’s civil and military institutions and the rehabilitation of its members (as mentioned in the 20th paragraph of the ruling principles).

8- The commitment to eviction of residential areas and civil and military headquarters of militias (as mentioned in the 21st paragraph of the ruling principles).

9- The judicial accountability to committers of murder and torture against population (as mentioned in the 25th paragraph of the ruling principles).

10- The full commitment to resolving situations of migrants and internally displaced and facilitating their return to their areas (as mentioned in the 37th paragraph of the ruling principles).

11- The full commitment to fighting human trafficking and illegal migration (as mentioned in the 28th paragraph of the ruling principles). These problems caused the death of thousands of the innocent poor and have been a security concern to West European nations.

12- Preserving the natural wealth, national resources, and state economic institutions and investing it for the god of Libyans and the upcoming generations, and the inadmissibility of dealing with it outside Libyan legislations and authorities and not to use it in any political disputes (as mentioned in the 32nd paragraph of the ruling principles). Locking oil ports and fields coasted Libyans hundred billion Dinars till now.

13- Shifting tasks of the supreme commander of the Libyan army from HoR chief to Ministry presidency council (formed of Prime Minister, his deputies, and 2 presidential ministers) (as mentioned in the 8th paragraph of the ruling principles).

14- The national accord government commits to form a mutual committee includes; the HoR, State Council, the national accord government, the national council for defense and national security to agree on the powers of the supreme commander of the army and other managerial levels in the army within 3 months (as mentioned in the 10th article in the national accord section).

15- Article 15 stated the need to reach a consensus between the HoR and the State Council about the occupants of leadership positions for the seven sovereign jobs.

16- The 16th article stated the necessity of readying the HoR for its tasks especially choosing its venue, revising legislation and decisions it issued, and revising its rules of procedures.

17- Article 19 stated the importance of showing the draft laws to the State Council which expresses its binding opinion to the national accord government. The council can refuse or accept them before transferring it to the HoR.

18- The 30th article stated that, the national accord government has the full authority on Libyan airports, sea ports, land ports, and vital installations. All parties should agree to fully cooperate to open the airports, seaports and land ports and secure means of transport and air, sea, and land navigation which would alleviate the daily suffering of the Libyan citizen.

19- article 33 unmistakable cleared that: Libyan army is organized military forces consists of officers and soldiers, which silences those who are specifying certain military formations as Libyan army. This article clearly states the nature of Libyan army.

20- article 59 states that all parties should be committed to given special priority to making the capital Tripoli (headquarter of government of national accord) peaceful place for all Libyans, and activating the role of police forces to maintain security and order. The same article stressed the importance of addressing the security situation in Benghazi.

21- article 62 stated that ministerial council should form a special committee to consider laws and decrees issued from 4 August 2014 until the adoption of the agreement which organized legal, financial and administrative commitments to find adequate solutions.

22-  article 8 in Final Provisions chapter stated that: all authorities of military, civil, security positions, stated in laws and legislations, shall be referred to ministerial council once the agreement is signed, the council should have made decisions about the occupants of these positions within 20 days, in case there was no decision, the council will appoint other personals during 30 days.

23 – article 11 in final Provisions chapter prohibited the prosecution of any person for reasons limited to (fighting opponents) except for war crimes and crimes against humanity, the article guaranteed failure to prosecute those involved in current dispute.

Emazzeb commented saying “with no doubt, any political agreement would be the result of concessions made by different parties, therefore no party would fine all what it hoped for in the agreement, but if we looked closely to what our country is suffering from:

First: clear targeting for the state and threats of division, we are not capable of stopping such plots.

Second: disrupting main source of wealth which is Oil. Oil production reached its lowest levels and fell to quarter of its usual levels.

Third: total economic and developmental paralysis, with the absence of any no economic activities except for some retail stores offering their goods for citizens.

Fourth: the collapse of infrastructure that lead to the lack of services.

Fifth: educational process stopped in most of schools, universities and institutions for the second year, ad for the third year in some places.

Sixth: the spread of diseases and epidemics due to lack of supervision on food and medicines.

Seventh:  The deterioration of public services, especially in the health sector

Eighth: the collapse of Libyan Dinar which lead to the raise of goods and services and affects citizens lives.

Ninth: the spread of drugs, alcohols and weapons which affects whole generations, and with the current rate it would be difficult to deal with.

Tenth: illegal migration which lead to the growth of smuggling activities, as we face depletion is basic goods such as gasoline, diesel and delicate materials.

eleventh: The suffering of displaced who reached to thousands of displaced inside and outside Libya.

Twelfth: Hatred and resentment among the population, which would tear the social fabric.


Then he tries to remind members of GNC that the nation awaits them, and the decision is not, however, Leon’s nor HOR’s, but it is theirs only.

He said “You decide where Libya is heading to, either to get out of this dark tunnel and pass this ordeal and complete the bath of their parents and grandparents, or fall into the quagmire of war of which we all will suffer and offer more victims, more lives, more bloodshed, and more devastation and the diaspora”.

Emazzeb added “The picture is dark and gloomy, perhaps (report of the Central Bank of Libya) gives a light on part of it, as revenues reached during the period 1/1/2015 to 30/09/2015 (14,330,000,000), Expenditures during the same period reached ((23,764,000,000 with Deficit (9,434,000,000).

If we add the current value of Libyan dinar to these figures, we find that if this situation continues for few months we will be close to bankruptcy.”

Emazzeb continued “there are some of beneficiaries of the current situation, led, Unfortunately, by Arab countries and Libyans who formed groups for systematic plundering and looting of people’s money from the public treasury in various ways, they transformed tosomething like Mafia. they are smuggling gangs, drug dealers and arms traders and currency traders (As you may have heard of hundreds of files transmitted by the Audit Bureau to the Attorney General in the past few weeks) looting public wealth reached Unprecedented level, we didn’t occur during the era of the defunct (the value of depleted foreign exchange reserves reached 30 billion dollars.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “your people are looking at you and waits. what is required is to take the adequate decision that gets our country from its suffering, we should follow the rule of (lesser of two evils). we are realize the difficult position and choice we have, but we must rise to the degree of awareness to threats and dangers surrounding us sensor, and save what can be saved.