Home News Tunisia announces the release of kidnapped nationals in Libya

Tunisia announces the release of kidnapped nationals in Libya


The Tunisian foreign ministry announced on Tuesday the release of dozens of Tunisians who were kidnapped in Libya on Monday.

According to the ministry’s statement, the release came after “high contacts with the authorities in Libya”.

Gunmen had kidnapped Tunisian nationals in northwestern Libya, to demand the release of the Libyan official, who had been arrested on Saturday along with another Libyan at Tunis airport while on a visit organized by the United Nations, according to Reuters.

Security sources said 55 Tunisians had arrived home from Libya after their abduction. Tunisian officials were not immediately available to say whether the Libyan had also been released.

Tunisians and other national have been kidnapped earlier in Libya to pressure their governments to accept demands include the release of Libyan overseas.

Earlier this year, the Tunisian consulate closed after it was a subject to attack in Tripoli by armed groups, and 10 of its staff were kidnapped.

Tensions have been increasing between Libya and Tunisia, after the latter expressed fear of chaos extending to it from Libya.

Armed groups in Libya often act with impunity because of a security vacuum. Libya also has power vacuum since two rival governments and their armed backers still fight for control four years after the revolution.