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Buera resigns from the HoR envoy to dialogue


House of Representatives member, Abu-Bakr Buera, announced on his Facebook page that he resigned from the parliament’s dialogue committee.

Buera said “I am totally satisfied with the committee performance and what was accomplished through the last year of negotiations; but negotiation process still always fraught with risk and failure to achieve the desired results; as this is dependent on the will and integrity of the other side which changes based on the will of the participants”.

Buera mentioned that the reasons for his resignation are that the dialogue process mediated by the United Nations has to come to an end due to poor performance of its Special Mission during the last phase of the talks, which was obvious in the controversial formation of the new governmental team without stating clear reasons and specifications for that formation to local and international public opinion.

Buera blamed the international team sponsoring the dialogue, who stood still while repeating the same errors of partial quoting, and said that “having militant parties will affect state administration again, which I rejected during the whole last year”.

The second reason, according to Buera, is “the inability of dialogue committee, in my opinion, to continue in its mission because of many differences revolving around it”.

Another reason is the many violations to the political agreement occurred during the last meeting in Shkirat, which he personally couldn’t attend.

Buera was one of the candidates to head the government of national accord, which was announced by UN envoy, Bernardino Leon, last week.

Buera expressed his displeasure of his exclusion from running, stressing that Leon violated the previous agreements and intervened in nomination process which is the sole right of the HoR and the outgoing National General Congress (GNC).