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Al-Fakhry submits his notes on the constitution’s draft


Chief of independent committee of constitutional institutions, Monem Sherif Al-Fakhry, submitted some notes concerning the draft produced by the work committee of the constitution drafting institution.

According to “Libya 24” news website, AL-Fakhry pointed to that the serious consensus attempts were confined to spatial and regional rights while not paying attention to political and ideological concord. He hailed “the great effort exerted in record time”.

Al-Fakhry said that the agreement excluded the rights of women, youth, media practitioners, civil mainstream, liberals, and Gaddafi regime supporters.

He noted that such exclusion can be seen obviously in not forming a supreme council for woman, not giving nationality to her children, not taking needed measurements to empower her rights in all aspects.

According to him youth also were excluded in defining the age category for running for House of Representatives, HoR, Senate, and presidency, and even for participation in the government, while also not forming a supreme council for youth.

The agreement also included a Para constitutional article to be the source of legislation, which opens the door for radical interpretations that can be used to restrict rights and freedoms, according to Al-Fakhry.

An independent constitutional institution was formed with its independent financial disclosure under the name “Senior Scholars institutions”, which AL-Fakhry believes is a new Dar Ifta, it, according to him, has the right to recommend for people concerning the public events, in addition to having the right to challenge the constitutionality of legislations issued by the legislative authority.

Al-Fakhry condemned the exclusion of the Supreme Council of Media, media practitioners demanded in many occasions, from the draft. He also attacked the exclusion of identity article in the draft in fear of some members’ insistence on the civil state.

He also criticized weakening the Human Rights Council with limiting its missions in a main text that says that; “the National Council for Human Rights consolidate the cultivation of human rights values and public freedoms in Islamic law”.

An integral part of the Libyans was also excluded according to him which is the supporters of Gaddafi’s regime. He believes that building the future state of justice and law shouldn’t be paired with cutting relations with the past. He thinks that such process can’t happen under the independence anthem and flag.

He believes that putting the condition of the permanent residence in Libya for 10 in a row for running for presidency is tailored to serve the Muslim Brotherhood, who started “Libya Al-Ghad” project in 2006, and in 2016, when constitution is activated, they will complete 10 years. Also all the displaced since the revolutions will be excluded for living abroad in the last 4 years.

Al-Fakhry said that these notes are preliminary through access to the initial draft of the work committee, demanding all the Libyan elites and civil power, women, youth and the media to stand against this clear and systematic exclusion, which would plunge the country into instability.