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Al-Dairy calls HoR to sign the political agreement


The Libyan foreign minister in the House of Representatives government, HoR, Mohamed Al-Dairy, called the HoR on Tuesday to sign the political agreement that was announced on October 8th in the Moroccan city of Skhirat.

Al-Dairy believes signing the agreement is a strategic option that preserves the interests of Libya. Al-Dairy noted to his call for adhering to the political solution since his visit to Paris on October 14th of the last year, the Libyan News Agency reported.

He hailed the patriotic spirit of the HoR chief and members that showed in commitment to the talks sponsored by the United Nations since its beginning. Al-Dairy also commended the contributions of chief and members of the HoR delegation in the talks.

Al-Dairy stressed on the importance of backing the Legitimacy. He also hoped that HoR will vote to approve the UN document before October 20th, away from nominated names for the government, as the nation comes first and before any other considerations, he said.

As for the world, Germany has expressed support to the proposal of the UN’s envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, to form a government of national accord. A spokesperson of the German foreign ministry said on Tuesday in a statement that, the government strongly supports the efforts of Leon to form a national unity government that ends the violence in the country and rebuild Libya. He also described the talks outcome of being a positive step to restore stability to Libya, imposing democracy and public freedoms after years of killing innocent people.

The German government also called all parties, politicians, unions, civil society activists oto support the national unity government for the future of Libya.

High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, said that, Libyans feel tired of the continuing crisis in their country, adding that it is time for rivals to withdraw their last objections and accept to for a national accord government.

Mogherini, in a session for the foreign affairs committee of the European parliament about the Libyan and Syrian crises on Monday, said that “our role in Libya is to keep up, but the decision is Libyan in the end, Libyans are tired”. She added that the international community can’t do everything for Libyans.

She brought up talks in the session about the European measurements to deal with the new Libyan government, she also added that, they are integrated, ready since last March, and awaiting for the Libyan consensus.

She elaborated that she held a meeting on Tuesday in Brussels with the regions committee to study what it can provide to the municipal councils in Libya to revitalize the facilities and basic services there.