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The birth of a new dawn in Libya


By: Ahmed Safar*

It was surely one of the most crucial moments of Libya’s recent tireless effort of making peace in a post-Gaddhafi era, symbolizedاحمد صافار by the relief of reaching an announced inclusive formula of the top GNA posts, coordinated in the very early hours of this morning by UN envoy Bernardino Leon and the Libyan participants in the town of Skhirat in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The positive and encouraging level of endorsement by the international community of the outcome of the peace talks has been felt throughout, uniquely setting up the scene for an announced, strong commitment of support to Libya’s most-contested-to-be post-conflict government since the fall of the Gaddafi regime in 2011.

Yet this outcome would have not been achieved, and celebrated, if it wasn’t for the gigantic, tireless efforts of many Libyan, regional and international players who have clearly seen hope for Libya’s future through peace, rather than war. It is to those who believed in a political way out of Libya’s conflict, and guided and helped others in the region and beyond to come to the same understanding that we stand today to acknowledge.

We all know of the meetings, the talks, the press releases, etc. but very few of us know of the quite but persistent hard task of diplomacy carefully crafted and handled by individual countries who have maintained a carefully, well-balanced approach, despite mounting political and security pressures at their own door steps, yet with Libya’s best interest at heat. To those silent soldiers of peace I take off my hat in Salute.

Now to the important all Libyan task of endorsing peace and hope, to be recognized formally by the two houses of authority in the country. The time has come to end a wrongful beginning and to begin a rightful course of action towards a secure and stable Libya that meets its real potential as an economic powerhouse in the region.

That time is now yours and will continue to be yours as you continue to embark upon your roles as pillars of Libya’s transition into a democracy, the one we all had dreamt of and only began to realise in February 2011. To you I urge you to put your Libyan hats on, red or black, or even white, and let us sail this ship to harbour.

*Ambassador/ Embassy of Libya – Italy