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 Tamazight and the National Accord Government


By: Dr. Fathy Salem Abozakhar*

Although we hoped that engineer Osama Mohamed Osman would be part of the nominated list of names, but we bless the namingبوزخار of the ministerial council, with engineer Fayez Sarrai, as its head, which came out of long national political dialogue mediated by the United Nations.

Anyone cares for Libya has to bless this step to get the country out of its crisis to safety. But the question that comes to minds of Tamazight is, whether they will be part of the unity government? The answer will come at the end of this article.

Tamazight and consensus:

Consensus concept appeared on the political scene when Tamazight refused to ratify constitution adoption mechanism of voting by two thirds+1, which is stated in the temporarily constitutional declaration; Tamazight from different political sects and methodologies insisted that the right of being Tamazight cant be subject to cope, and they asked to amend the article of adoption mechanism to be in line with respect to state name, flag, anthem, language and identity, which were taken down shorthand to language and identity.

This is how reconciliation concept appeared in Libya, but unfortunately, consensus was rejected, and members of the General National Congress, GNC, were asked to retreat, and so constitutional and parliament elections were boycotted. What is important is that consensus and reconciliation is the only solution to solve all our problems, which was approved by the political talks, although coming with international pressures.

International community and its interests in Libya:

Any observant would notice that international community, with America in its forehead, is more keen in peaceful solutions and unity of Libya than those who are leading the political scene inside Libya. Of course this is because international community is interested in peace and stability of Libya; but some times Libyans, staying in London, accuse the west of treason and condemns United Nations declaration of national unity government. Other times we find those who fuel war and conflicts inside Libya, Mr. Haftar is on the top of the list. And of course, the ministerial council was declared by the international community with Fayez Sarraj as its head, and two deputies Fathy Almagbary and Moussa Alkouni, Ahmed Maetiga was added, beside good list of names that can participate in the anticipated government.

The list contains two controversial characters, Abdel Rahman Al-Swehly and Fathy Bashaga, but may be the United Nations, with its experience and wisdom and available information, found that their existence is vital for a specific role that comes in the interest and stability of Libya.

The decision came after tough discussions and negotiations to reach certain balance that guarantees the continuation of the newly formed government; no proposed government would get the approval of all Libyans, which is exactly what Bernardino Leon said in his news conference, Friday night, before the announcement of the proposed list for unity government.

We totally agree with that, and appreciate the difficulties political, socially and intellectually enthusiastic Libyans faced during the dialogue; repercussions of former regime that abolished home concept and incarnated tribal cultures were strongly present; vying for power became like a right for all citizens; desire for unlawful money became venture for many, some naked barefoot lived in tall buildings and turned to be millionaires or even billionaires, thanks to looting, robbery and theft.

Difficult mission has its reasons:

Libyan people should be aware that there is no end to the ongoing chaos except with the proposed unity government. International community proved that it is more keen in Libya’s stability than some opportunists in the GNC and the HoR, who lost their minds and moved by personal interests, who are ready to throw the country into another war to satisfy their ego and selfishness.

If the decision was left in the hands of the very few members who control the HoR and the GNC, we would return to zero square, and see another war in Tripoli, and Haftar, the former prisoner, would invade Benghazi.

Instability in Libya means that it would be a fertile ground for human, arms, drugs and goods smugglers, also it would be launching point for terrorism which is not too far from Europe, which would be against economical interests of great powers in Libya.

The continuation of United Nations in the talks, that continued for long time as a proof for international community willingness to reach political solution; but the international community had to use the stick for those who would obstacle any political solution, and threatened to impose sanctions, there is much hope in the unity government which is expected to accomplish the following goals:

  • Achieve security, stop the war and arms movement, and start building the army and police forces.
  • Provide essential needs for citizens.
  • Eliminate Islamic State (IS) and its existence in Libya.
  • Fact checking and achieve transitional justice.
  • Helping constitutional assembly to finalize the constitution.
  • Preparing for parliamentary and governmental elections.

 Where are Tamazight from the government?

After liberating the capital Tripoli, and before capturing Gadhafi and announce full liberation of Libya, the Tripolitanians proved, with no doubt, the presence of Tamazight in Tripoli, obviously and clearly.

Tripoli, through different phases of history remained the capital, anyone who doubts this fact should revise their memory and information, or see record for national Tamazight conference in Rexus hotel and their protests in martyrs square, three words were mentions on the opening speech:

  • Libya’s frontiers specified by UN after independence.
  • Constitutionalizing Tamazight language in support for national unity.
  • Tamazight should be part of political equation.

The same scene was reconfirmed in Tripoli during constitutional merit forum on 12 January 2012, and during different occasions in Tripoli. Rights of Tamazight increased every day with righteous revolution spread across Libya and the world.

But the question remains whether Tamazight are part of the political equation in Libya?

Tamazight in political equation

Women, Tabu and Tamazight were present when Leon read UN decision about government of national accord in Libya, the question is whether this presence has any significant or it was just a coincidence?

We don’t know the facts, but what we care about is that: are Tamazight part of the political equation? I hope that thinking of Tamazight issues switch from emotional thinking to wisdom and logic; and here I say that who thinks emotionally would say that Tamazight representation is strong with Leon or in the proposed names of the UN; Mr. Moussa Alkouni, one of Deputies of the government, he is from Tamazight of the desert, also Mr. Salem Ganan, from Tamazight of the mountain from Nalot city, was nominated.

With Leon’s proposal, Tamazight became part of the political equation; I think that proposing names was successful for all in Libya, but I guess that the real representation is to evoke Tamazight issues to become part of the political thinking, to be main ingredient and element of balance in the political equation.

We wish the best for the government of national accord, and may Allah bless Libya. With peace, reconciliation and unity government we can build Libya and write constitution.

*A Libyan writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source