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Stances’ conflict after announcing the accord government


Reactions have been variable since the new government was announced in a press conference for the United Nations envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon. Divisions bacame clear in the most 2 important and rival teams; the House of Representatives, HoR, and the General National Congress, GNC.

Inside the GNC, one group is satisfied with the talks path and its results, while the other one adheres to refusal.

The chief of the GNC delegation in talks, Awad Abdul Sadeq, announced that, GNC has a fixed stance towards the agreement document presented by Leon.

“GNC members are agreed that the draft still needs more clarification concerning vague points that have been modified, in order to achieve balance between Libyan factions that will take part in the national accord government,” Abdul Sadeq said.

On the other hand, some GNC members refuse the whole talks process after the latest results. The GNC member, Abdulqader Hwily, believes that the government Leon announced is “stillborn” and doesn’t represent the GNC.

After Leon announced the names of the Prime Minister, 3 deputies and ministers, and the mission’s suggestion concerning the ministers including Abdulrahman Al-Swihly.

Al-Swihly refused the government formation, he said that, he wasn’t aware of the nomination, plus that it is not the mission’s task to nominate someone for that post; chief of State Council.

While many GNC members welcomed a government headed by Faez Sarrag, the HoR delegation member, Abubaker Buera expressed surprise at the way the government was announced. “When we arrived to Dar Al-Baida after the successful meeting held on margins of United Nations General Assembly meetings, I was asked to stay in hotel, away from other talks delegations, given that my name was among nominees for the national accord government. I was disconnected from the talks and members of talks committee, and later I was surprised in the hotel by the announcement of the government,” Buera said on his personal Facebook page.

Buera explained that, his objection was for the changes to the agreement by adding a third deputy to the Prime Minister, after it was agreeing upon 2 deputies.

Buera also expressed refusal to partisan quotas that was applied back in the GNC term, which was a major reason in ruining Libya, according to Buera. He also feared army leaders position.

Buera was sorry that, Leon only wanted to end the talks in any way, even on the expense of the Libyans, he stated.