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Abusahmain’s non-senses… where to?


By: Salah EL-Shalwy*

Abusahmain has never stopped shuffling since his first day, as a chief of the General National Congree, GNC. Many of hisصلاح الشلوي colleagues in the GNC still remember warnings I made in several occasions in the time of no regrets.

Today, Abusahmain still plays the revolving door game and cause the helpless GNC to lose one opportunity after the other, after it conceded will voluntarily to him.

Abusahmain has turned over who trusted in him, instead of being honest and loyal to members whom put their trust in the wrong place, but what did he do instead? He let them down, used the powers and authorization given to him to impose his personal powers onto the GNC will using all twisted non-political ways that included using Dar Al-Ifta, whose people issued whatever fatwas he wanted that follows his opinion and political view.

They also ruled that signing the agreement with initial letters in the Moroccan city of Skhirat was “a sin” not fearing what Allah said in Quran; “And utter not, for what your tongues describe, the lie: This is lawful and this unlawful; so that you forge a lie against Allah. Surely those who forge a lie against Allah will not prosper”.

The research center for Dar Al-Ifta still issues what Abusahmain needs of fatwas, in the direction that reflects his opinion and falsify others’, as he is a guardian, according to Dr Al-Sadeq Al-Geriany onetime.

Abusahmain continued his twisted ways and was able through non-political methods to scatter the GNC’s will, even in a legal frame known as committees; That now, sings outside the GNC.

Abusahmain controls effort of members and councilors, he then throws it all away except for what agrees with his opinion and who surround Rexus building that he moves by SMS.

It seems that he liked revolving door game that resulted in abortion of talks team efforts. Abusahmain lives in a state of schizophrenia; he thinks that he has a list of the ambassadors of western countries he wants to discuss, and accredit them to work in countries no longer recognize him and his GNC government, whom he represents.

He also wants to reform the Supreme Court as he thinks he is authorized by the people to do so. He also passes through a shameful state of political Alzheimer that makes him pathetic in front of public opinion, and this is only a fool attempt to cover up his plans.

His real plans are dismantling the dialogue team and re-assembling it according to his view, and this is an evident in the first and second points of the agenda distributed to members of the GNC, and by news of movements of his supporters under the name of “steadfastness shield” around the GNC building to force members to sign what he wanted.

He put pressure on members of the GNC and force them to sign on what he wanted,  which makes Wednesday’s session a “courts of inspecting loyalty to Abusahmain”.  What follows is the schedule of the session:

1-   Going through the report of the talks’ team.

2-   Taking the suitable decision about the talks’ developments.

3-   Adopting laws presented from the competent committees.

4-   Accrediting chancellors for the Supreme Court.

5-   Accrediting ambassadors.

6-   Any other business.

So, Abusahmain continues his traditional hobby of not bringing to the table anything but what matches his views and personal interests.

It is all because of fears that he might not has his place when talks succeed and state council is reformed, also due to fears of accountability for decisions he made in the era of political division.

The political agreement gave guarantees in this aspect except for what relates to war crimes, crimes against humanity and human rights, but it appears that this is not enough for Abusahmain.

The GNC members should put an end to Abusahmain doings, since they are responsible for all his acts after they authorized him these powers till he controlled them and the GNC’s decision for his own good.

*A Libyan activist

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source