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Leon announces the formation of unity government


United Nations Special Envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, announced, late Thursday, the government of national accord, after months of difficult talks and shuffle rounds between Libyan parties and two rival governments.

Leon told news conference that the list of names of candidates for unity government has been decided.

He said in a statement issued, Thursday “after a year of work in this process, after working with more than 150 Libyan personalities from all the regions, from all the political affiliations, working in six, seven different locations in Libya, six , seven different locations all over the world in different countries, different continents, finally the moment has come in which we can propose a national unity government”.

Leon announced the names proposed for the presidential council which would include six personalities instead of five. They are: Fayez Sarraj, as the Prime Minister, he is an MP at the House of Representative, HoR, from Tripoli.

The three deputies would be Mr. Ahmed Meitig, Mr. Fathi Mejbari and Mr. Musa Kuni. One of them from the west, one from the east and one from the south. And the two senior ministers to complete the presidential council proposed, one is Mr. Omar Aswad from Zintan and the other is Mohammed Ammari.

Leon said “the six personalities will work as a team, we don’t have time to fight for details on voting system, their votes will have the same value in the first rounds of voting”. He added that all of them will rotate in the representation role that corresponds to Libya in the international scene.

Leon also announced the List of ministers proposed who are:  Mr. Fathi Hangari, Mr. Osama Siyala, Mr. Osama Sayd, Mr. Tareq Yousef, Mr. Abdelsalam Hassi, Mr. Shibani Buhamoud, Mr. Mustafa Aboushagur, Mr. Ashour shweil, Mr. Ibrahim Nayed, Mr. Abu Ajila Saifelnasr, Mr. Salam Kenan, Mrs. Amal Hajj, Mrs. Iman ben Younis, Mr. Khalil Bakoush, Mr. Mahmoud ben Shaaban, Mr. Murad Hamaima and Mr. Taher Sunni.

He pointed that there were two more proposals, one for the National Security advisor, who would chair the National Security Council, the name proposed is Fathi Bashagha. The other proposal is the chairman of the State Council who is Mr. Abdelrahman Sweihli. Leon added that “once the transitional phase is finished, it will be up to the State Council to either confirm or not confirm”.

“We believe this list will work, it will not an easy task, but it needs the support of all Libyans” Leon said.

Leon also said “What I ask all the Libyans is not to think what is missing, what they would have liked to see in this list and they don’t see, but to think that this if supported by all Libyans will be the best government in the world”.

He asked all Libyans, international community and organizations, and the representatives of different countries to support the unity government. He confirmed that international community is going to provide their utmost support for the newly formed government.

Leon thanked all Libyan people for their patience and support for the political process. He added “too many Libyans lost their lives  and too many suffered, according to UN, around 2.4 million Libyans are is need for humanitarian aid”. He also thanked all delegates, envoys, media, international organizations, ambassadors who participated, facilitated the process, especially King Mohammed VI. I and his Government for their support.