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Ki-Moon welcomes the proposal of the government


The Secretary General of United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, welcomed the proposal of candidates for the Presidency Council and the Libyan Government of National Accord, and asked all Libyan parties and participants to immediately sign the political agreement.

According to the spokesperson for the Secretary General, Ki-Moon commended the dialogue participants for reaching a final text of the political agreement after months of negotiations and broad consultations.

Ki-Moon urged all Libyan leaders to seize the opportunity and get the country out of its crisis and put it back on track of building that reflects the spirit of 2011 revolution.

He said “After months of turmoil and uncertainty, now is the time for the parties to the political dialogue to endorse this proposal and sign the Agreement without delay”.

He also reconfirmed his commitment to support Libya and Libyan people through United Nations Support Mission (UNSMIL) and his envoy Bernardino Leon.