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Conflicts amongst the GNC over the dialogue


Conflicts and disagreement shave been spiking inside the General National Congress, GNC, in Tripoli, since Wednesday, over insistence of Islamic representatives on stumbling the peace talks.

A group of 45 members threatened to resign, on Wednesday, as hardliner members influence decisions of the GNC presidency about prolonging talks.

The opposing group corresponded with the United Nation Mission in Libya suggesting a mechanism for nomination of members of national accord government, but the UN Mission refused any initiative or correspondence not coming from the GNC presidency.

GNC is expected to hold a workshop entitled; “the alternative to Leon’s project”, aiming at launching an alternative for the political agreement signed in Skhirat, in a direct message of rejection to joining Libyan actors in agreement upon national accord government.  250 persons, representing Islamic GNC members, political, and military groups affiliated to the GNC, are expected to attend.

According to a source, the workshop will be escorted by opposing demonstrations to the political agreement in AlShohada and Algzaer squares in Tripoli. Demonstrations will be organized on Tuesday by GNC supporters.

Head of GNC delegation in the talks, Awad Abdulsadeq, announced, in a press conference early Thursday morning, his return to Skhirat with new modifications on the political agreement from the GNC to accept to take part in the national accord government.

The United Nations envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, refused any new modifications; he announced that, the government of national accord will be announced within hours.