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Leon: This agreement is final and balanced


The UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, said in a statement, Tuesday, in skhirat that he thinks what he can say is that this last Friday “we had a very special moment in the Libyan national dialogue. After one year working together, all the Libyan participants and all the international community members that are supporting these talks, friends of Libya, countries that are interested in peace and prosperity in Libya were maybe for the first time together sending a very strong message of support to the Libyan people”.

Leon added “we have an agreement. This agreement is final. This agreement is balanced, and this agreement is a great opportunity for Libya. And so, on the basis of this agreement, it is high time to agree on a unity government as the only remaining point to make this agreement a comprehensive agreement that will represent, will be the home of all the Libyans”.

Leon said that this was an extremely important meeting last Friday. He stated that “we immediately came back to Skhirat, and we have been working since then. And we have very good news today, because as you know the last participant in the dialogue that had to provide names and fully participate in this discussion was the General National Congress (GNC), and the GNC tomorrow morning at 10 will have a session to propose these names. In the meantime, we have consultations with the other participants in the dialogue. We have been working for long hours yesterday and today. We will still work for long hours tonight. And we are very hopeful that, taking into account what is at stake for Libya, for the Libyan people, for those 2.5 million Libyans that are suffering war, that are suffering humanitarian problems as has been reported by the United Nations humanitarian agencies, we are really hopeful that the GNC will take this very important decision for the future of their people and tomorrow we will have these names, and that tomorrow, sometimes in the afternoon-evening, it will be possible to announce a proposal for a national unity government. So, it is the intention of the United Nations to listen to all the Libyans, to make a proposal that will be coherent with these proposals and suggestions from the Libyans but also to do what the international community, what the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban ki-Moon, asked all of us to do last Friday: to finish the agreement and to finish the government this week”.