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Libyan factions to suggest candidates for the government


The boycotting member of House of Representatives (HoR), Abdel Rahman Al-Geriani, said that names will be put forward for the head of unity government and two deputies”. He added that some delegates suggested candidates, discussions started Monday night.

He said that General National Congress (GNC) didn’t name any candidates till now, pointing to the potential for progress in the dialogue with envoys started to discuss candidates for government posts.

From his side, a member of GNC envoy, talked on condition of anonymity, said that dialogue sessions will tackle issues concerning the government to be formed, but participant has yet to determine whether to ratify the proposed names in Shkirat or return to Libya and approve candidates’ names there.

Libyan delegates arrived at Shkirat, Monday, from New York where they participated, last Friday, in high level meeting about Libya, called for by Secretary General of United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, On the sidelines of General Assembly of UN. The UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, already arrived to Shkirat on Sunday.

Leon said that political agreement draft handed to Libyan parties, on 30 September, is non-adjustable and participants has two options, whether to accept or reject the draft.

Awad Abdel Sadeq, the head of the GNC envoy, said that “proposing candidates for the government is linked to a session GNC will held in Tripoli Wednesday”.

He added in news conference in Shkirat, Monday night “I will return to Tripoli for discussions with GNC and to attend Wednesday’s session, in which we will determine to propose names for the government or not”.

He also said “we had meeting with Leon, and I will leave to Libya, due to some developments and Wednesday’s session, while the rest of members will stay in a sign of good will for our continuation in the dialogue”.

Abu Bakr Buera, member of HoR envoy, said ” government of national accord will be formed in Libya even if GNC rejected to participate”. He declared, Monday that ” talks about unity government will be discussed, Tuesday, after extensive consultations in Shkirat”.

Buera pointed that ” dialogue will continue despite that GNC hadn’t proposed any names for the government till now, proposals to reach a national consensus government will be discussed”.

It is important to mention that the HoR in Tobroq announced new amendment to the Constitutional Declaration, which is to extend its mandate another six months, in an attempt described by Opponents as override similar to what GNC did, last year, when it extended its mandate without referendum.

The official spokesperson for HoR confirmed the continuation of HoR in the Libyan dialogue, but that decision seems to Irritate different opponents against HoR rejecting the extension.