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The significance of vision on the Government of National Accord


By: Fathi Abu-Zakhar*

What US foreign minister, John Kerry, said, on Friday, at UN headquarter in New York, confirms what Barack Obama saidبوزخار earlier this week, after he acknowledges his mistake that lead to vacuum in Libya.

Obama mentioned that the solution in Libya is Political and that negotiators should agree on government of national accord, regardless of the reality of his recognition.

There is no point going into the reasons of this recognition or into jungles of conspiracies woven against Libya. What matters is that all parties agreed on political solution with European leaders including Russia, and we Libyans, shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get Libya out of this abhorrent conflict, which don’t represent Libyan people’s will, to safety and Unity government that serves the country.

Specifications of the Prime Minister

In a previous article for Libya Almostakbal, we discussed the Specifications of the head of the awaited government of national accord, with our confirmation that the Prime Minister should have a program for well thoughtful project; and planes within a harmonious team, but we still see that this Vision issue the Prime Minister should have, is essential to get out of the current crisis.

One of ABCs of success, according to what endorsed by quality management literature, that any institution or its head should have clear vision, message and goals, any government of national accord should have vision from which its programs would start, and translated to clear goals within fixed time plan to save Libya. The head of the government should have team spirit, and apply to terms of Integrity and professionalism.

Vision between docility and participation

With clear vision, the government of national accord could get Libya out of its misery and suffering, but if this vision doesn’t reflect the spirit of the dean, it won’t achieve the desired results. This vision won’t be effective either if it didn’t level up to the aspirations of a large segment of Libyans, we can’t expect Libyans easily comply with it, Libyan participation is essential, that could be by presenting the vision’s draft to representatives of different communities such (Arabs, Tabu, Amazigh), elites, activists of civil society, Intellectuals, media and academics.

Developing the vision in its final form needs discussions, series talks between all parties and a team from unity government; accountability is collective cause all Libyans share and participates in of all ethnicities, languages, religious, political sects; the unity government should  play the role of facilitator for these discussions, which specifies clear vision to get the country out of its crisis to building, working and democratic path that deviated of its course.

In this regard, we review what came in Dr. Yehia Melhem article (vision and belonging in the institutions of 21st century) in which he said that “vision is not just an idea, even if this idea is of vast important, but it is a power, that lies the hearts, minds and feelings of the people. It is an extraordinary power that gathers people, and unites them to make this vision come true”.

We truly hope that the head of the coming unity government would have such vision that unifies all Libyans around the country, and turns their differences into added value that won’t be used to increase disputes between them.

Balancing between vision and mission

It’s important to balance between vision and mission, so vision should follow a message, the message is a behavior aims to get to happiness, but vision is an ambition that seeks to achieve supreme success within specific goals and time table.

The vision of government of national accord vision should be about getting Libya out of its suffering of the absence of security, and lack of minimum services. The vision must be translated into Executive Steps to achieve set out in a carefully set plan.

Prime Minister… head or leader

Management and leadership is totally different concepts; the leader is a role model who sets the vision, have the ability to involve everyone in making of the future and work hard to advance with the wounded government, which is of very important for the current phase Libya is going through.

The current phase also needs management of current circumstances by making new laws and regulations to speed up working and find practical solutions for all impediments that could face the head of the government.

Leadership can’t accept to be tyrant or weak, but it has to be democratic, encourages what distinguishes people of behaviors help innovation and work initiatives.

The vision of the head of the government, as a leader, is seeking to achieve aims and objectives the administration is aspiring; he remains a director works to obtain quick decisions, follows the implementation of practical solutions to serve people and improving their aspirations of security, safety and decent living.

So combining between leadership and masterminding, between leading with a vision and managing firmly, is a must for the head of the coming government … long live Libya.

*A Libyan writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source