Home News Shalgam declares that he is not keen to be the PM

Shalgam declares that he is not keen to be the PM


Abdel Rahman Shalgam, the latest Libyan envoy to the UN, in the time of Gaddafi, and the candidate of the House of Representatives (HoR) for presidency of the coming government of national accord, denied being pressured by foreign forces to be chosen for the position.

He added, in media statements, that there are some disputes about the draft of the ongoing political dialogue mediated by UN and its annexes. He declared that “he is not keen to be part of the government, and doesn’t look for a tenure”.

He also said that “he won’t accept the position under the current circumstances of conflict and division of GNC and HoR, there is no one to protect this government”.

Shalgam thanked the HoR that nominated and trusted him, and thanked representatives of southern region, who unanimously agreed upon him without any reservations, and warned of “outside ambitions in Libyan soil”.