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Nearly 100 bodies of migrants found on Libyan shores

Associated Press

Nearly 100 bodies of migrants were found on the Libyan shores over the past 5 days, while the Irish Navy was able to rescue 242 migrants off-Libya in its first operation in the anti-migration efforts.

A spokesman for Libya’s Red Crescent said on Sunday that bodies of at least 95 migrants have been found washed ashore in Libya over the past five days, according to Associated Press (AP).

85 bodies were found near the capital Tripoli, while other 10 corpses were found near Sabratha, the city thought to be the launch pad for illegal migration from Libya to European coasts.

Most of the deceased are migrants from African countries and search efforts continue, according to the spokesperson.

On the other hand, Ireland’s Defense Forces said on Monday that, 242 migrants were rescued from wooden boats by an Irish naval ship near Tripoli. The rescue operation was the first for the ship since it was deployed to assist an international migrant rescue effort, according to “Reuters”.

The ship entitled LÉ Samuel Beckett vessel deployed on Sept. 25th, rescued the migrants 93 kilometers north-west of Tripoli. The ministry published a picture on its Twitter account showing some people about to be lifted onto a ship.

Thousands of migrants try to find a better life in Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea in rickety boats from Libyan cities.

The International Organization for Migration, IOM, estimates the number of migrants died while trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2015 with more than 2,600 persons.

Smugglers have been feeding off Libya’s internal chaos to ship thousands of desperate migrants to European cities through the Mediterranean.

On another side, next week is expected to witness a meeting between foreign ministers of G 5+5 for fighting terrorism and illegal migration. The group joins Maghreb Union members; Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Algeria, in addition to 5 Euro-Mediterranean countries; France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, according to “Middle East Online”.

According to a Moroccan official, the meeting will be held in the Moroccan city of Tangier, far north of Morocco, on next Tuesday and Wednesday. Participants will discuss topics related to security challenges in Sahel and Sahara, migration and terrorism, and political and economic issues for the Western Mediterranean countries.

“This summit, chaired by Moroccan foreign minister Salahuddin Mzwar, will be a good opportunity to enforce consultation, mechanisms for regional cooperation, help joint prosperity for the region, explore ways to better off the dialogue of Group 5+5,” the source continued.

Western Mediterranean Countries Group (5+5) was founded in 1990 under the umbrella of the European Union. It addresses Economic partnerships, security, migration regulation, and fighting illegal migration in the region.