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Al-Ghwail meets Revolutionary leaders in Tripoli


The Prime Minister of the General National Congress, GNC, government, Khalifa Al-Ghwail, held a meeting, in Tripoli, with rebel revolutionary from several cities and a number of government members to follow up on latest developments of talks in Moroccan city of Skhirat and to discuss their thoughts about the latest draft.

Participants said in a statement that they support the talks in principle as strategic choice, according to legitimate and patriotic constants, to save Libyans and unite them.

They asserted on the necessity of reporting to the leadership of GNC to ban the its delegation in talks from signing any draft, and to come back to Libya for more consultation.

The participants in the meeting called for forming a committee includes revolutionary leaders, elders, sheikhs, scholars, the wise, legal advisors and intellectuals to organize an internal dialogue between cities, regions and tribes to discuss all on-going problems and produce a lawfully formulated outputs, so that they can be binding to all its actors.