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Weiner: Libyans should choose who rules them


The special American envoy to Libya, Jonathan Wiener, described the internationally anticipated Libyan agreement as “a group of arrangements for building a unified Libya, protecting the country, and building national institutions”, in a statement to “Al-Mghareb”.

“Libyans need to reach a political deal and apply it now; there is a strong support for this thought amongst Libyans and an international consensus about it,” he said.

Weiner asserted that, Tripoli must remain the capital to avoid any problems, adding that, Misrata isn’t able to fight terrorism solely.

“Libyans, not people abroad, are who to choose people for positions,” Weiner said concerning the formation of the national accord government. He added that security must be under the government’s control and no one shall stand in the way of the agreement.

“Nothing can go well without Tripoli being the capital; governmental infrastructures are weak in best cases, is they are taken out of Tripoli they mightn’t work at all,” he explained.

Things in Libyan shouldn’t continue in this way, according to Weiner, “Libyans don’t want that, it shows through polls,” he added. He considered that, there is a general trend in the agreement, which resulted from the dialogue sponsored by the United Nations, and that, representatives of the both chambers (General National Congress, GNC, and the House of Representatives, HoR) committed in New York to adopt it.

“In the meantime, no party presents an effective government to the Libyans while the country is losing its heritage and national fortune,” he said. Institutions’ collapse will continue and will cause humanitarian, political, and economic crises to exacerbate, which will give the Libyans a huge suffer, and destabilize the region while giving terrorist groups havens, according to Weiner.

Weiner explained that, IS group is trying to expand in Libyan and Libyans can be more effective fighting the group when they‘re united rather than divided.

Misratans, according to Weiner, have the will to beat terrorists, but “it is hard to do it alone given the continuous fight between political powers”. He said that most Libyans want to be included in the political agreement and help with its applications.

The road to success isn’t going to be easy, according to Weiner, as there are hardliner small groups in both Tripoli and Tobrok, that doesn’t favor the agreement. He also referred to trials to prevent the GNC delegation from taking flights from Tripoli to New York. “Although the GNC representatives are hardliners, there was who tried to prevent them from leaving,” he said.

Weiner also asserted on the same message, addressed by all nations attending UN session about Libya that; “no further negotiations, and no delays because legitimacy minimizes with the absence of agreement”.