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Qatar upholds reaching consensus and reunification in Libya


The representative of Qatari Foreign Ministry, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, asserted, in the High Profile Meeting, Friday, in New York, about Libya, that Qatar will always be ready to support Libya, but still wants to deal with strong government that commit to meeting its people’s aspirations. “We renew our commitment to support a national accord government that ends split and works to gather Libyans and achieve the nation’s security and prosperity,” he added.

“We are in front of a historic and very important moment for the Libyan nation. Today’s convention would have never happened without efforts of the talks team that represented all parties, and showed a high sense of responsibility towards the Libyan nation and people, their insistence to adhere to the talks as strategic choice was the final say in us reaching this meeting, that confirms that Libya is moving towards a fair and peaceful solution to restore security, construction and prosperity,” he said.

Abdulrahman Al-Thani hailed “the continuous efforts of UN special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, which takes the credit for reaching common ground that helps in reaching an agreement will save Libya from more splitting.

“I remind brothers in Libya and the whole world that, Libyan were an example of unity, responsibility and sacrifice for freedom, which they had and deserved, when they started their revolution in 2011. Today they are in most need to get back to the consensus spirit and unity to restore the scenes of mutual sacrifice for Libya presented by men, women, and youth for months, in the eyes of the future generations,” he stated.

“It is also important that I remind brothers in the Libyan talks’ team that their responsibility to sign the agreement without delay is historic, so that they can form a national accord government all Libyan take part in. the government, after that, does its part in ending the political split, restoring stability and security for all Libyan and uniting them. The government then can also solely hold its responsibility in fighting terrorism and terrorist groups that tries to extend its roots in Libya, taking advantage of the current fighting and political division,” he added.