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Egypt and Algeria call for the Libyan consensus


Algerian Minister for Maghreb and African Union Affairs, Abdul-Qader Msahel, said, on Friday, in a high level meeting concerning Libya in the United Nations headquarters in New York that, the Algerian stance concerning Libya is forming a national accord government to manage the transitional period and institutions and face the threat of terrorism.

Msahel noted that, the Algerian fixed stance focuses on the importance of a negotiable political solution that guarantees the unity of Libya and its people.

Msahel confirmed that, the new national accord government should have a broad support from the international community.

The Egyptian foreign minister, Sameh Shokry, expressed that either further delays in signing the political agreement and forming the national accord, or retreating from the signed agreement in Skhirat last July are no longer acceptable. Whoever wants to hinder the Libyans’ path to stability and consensus to hold the responsibility for that, he added.