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Opening road between Al-Tabu and Al-Zuwia tribes


Official spokesperson for “youth for homeland” association, Omar Al-Fakhry said that after the agreement held between Al-Tabu and Al-Zuwia tribes in the past few days, the road to Al-Koufra was opened, early on Thursday.

According to Libya News 24 website, Al-Fakhry declared that the agreement was reached with the help of the association and tribal leaders in the eastern region, the general command of the army and the military commander of Al-Koufra.

The spokesperson for Libyan Red Crescent and Libya Authority for Relief an Aid asked relief agencies to go to Al-Koufra immediately as the humanitarian situation there is so dire that it can’t wait.

Al-Fakhry appealed to active civil society organizations to have bigger role in helping and providing aid to Al-Koufra inhabitants.

The spokesperson for “youth for homeland” praised the role of Al-Tabu and Al-Zuwia youth who helped achieving ceasefire in the city.