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Women’s block in HoR issues a statement on the dialogue


Women’s block in the House of Representatives (HoR) issued a statement confirming that the dialogue is the only perfect solution for the crisis in Libya, and the only way to bring Libyans together and avoid bloodshed.

They expressed their hope to achieve political inclusive agreement, that paves the way for the next phase and leads to stability that preserve democratic path Libyans chosen. The statement added “the block senses the great historical responsibility they carry as members in the HoR, and after examining the draft HoR received in 28 September 2015”.

The block said “we found that a lot of points in the agreement contradicts with the fundamentals HoR held since its involvement in the political dialogue, and with what was stated in the fourth modified draft initialed in Shkirat in 11 July 2015”.

Women members of HoR who signed this statement decided not to participate in the adoption of this agreement unless it is modified according to what was initialed.

They asked the UN and the United Nations Special Mission In Libya (UNSMIL) not to pressure HoR, and to define specific timeline for signing the agreement, as it is the only trajectory for Libyan state in the next phase.