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The HoR delegation refuses the last draft


The delegation of House of Representatives (HoR), in New York, where UN general assembly sessions are held, has reported its refusal of last modifications made to political agreement draft to the UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon. The HoR announced its delegation’s stance declaring its commitment to the fourth modifications in Skhirat talks.

The HoR, based in Tobruk, is to launch a road map before the end of its term, 3 weeks from now. Observers believe that, 3 weeks aren’t enough to produce a road map that can save Libya.

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Mon, in talks with HoR chief, Ageela Saleh, noted that the dialogue is the only solution, as the HoR doesn’t have much remaining time to find other solutions.

Voices have been rising to prepare for protests against extending HoR’s term, scheduled to end in weeks. Term end will result in dangerous power vacuum. Observers believe that it won’t be easy then to hold new legislative elections.