Home News Buera expects names of ministers to be announced soon

Buera expects names of ministers to be announced soon


Names of ministers of national accord government may be announced in the next few days, according to the member of the House of Representatives, HoR,  and the member of the Dialogue Committee, Abu-Bakr Buera..

The General National Congress, GNC, has waived most of its suggestions, remaining suggestions don’t alter the core of the agreement signed by initial letters, Buera said, according The Libyan News Agency.

The problem, according to Buera laid in GNC’s demands that security and military posts shall be empty as soon as the national accord government is announced.

The talks committee has refused, the suggestion and agreement was reached that, the matter is left to the next government to decide on through consensus amongst its members, “which toughens taking decisions we don’t accept,” Buera said.

Buera noted that the HoR is the first defense line politically, for the army. “We will defend it as it defends the nation” he added.

The HoR has received, formally, the final draft of the agreement from United Nation Support Mission In Libya, UNSMIL.