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Algeria delays opening border crossings with Libya


Algerian diplomatic said, Thursday, that Algeria delayed reopening the three border crossings with Libya to further date, because of what he called “ the absence of central government capable of controlling borders”.

According to Anadoul news agency, a source in the foreign ministry, talked in condition of anonymity, said that Algeria welcomed Libyan politicians and tribal leaders, to discuss situation of the crossings, and informed them that border crossings wont reopen until Libyan parties reach consensus or peace agreement that ends division in the country.

The source added “Algeria raised, with influenced political and tribal personals visited Libya this month to discuss borders and humanitarian crisis in southern Libya, the idea of consensus between Libyan parties about crossings, but they didn’t agree on this matter”.

In the same context, the source said that Algerian officials informed Libyan politicians that the three border crossings between two countries, Debdeb, Tarat, Tinalkoum, should be subjected to legitimate body in Libya, has the consensus of all parties, which is not achieved yet”.

He declared that “For reopening border crossings, Algeria urges parties to reach consensus or peace agreement mediated by the UN or neighboring countries”.

Algeria decided, May 2014, to close border crossings, after deterioration of security in Libya. Then in the beginning of 2015, it began delivering humanitarian aid and goods for citizens in southern Libya, due to the declining of humanitarian situation in ares near borders.