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Gaddafi’s cousin is released from prison in Misrata


Sayed Qaddaf Al- Dam, Gaddafi’s cousin and bigger brother of the Coordinator of Libyan-Egyptian relations during Gaddafi’ regime, said that he was treated well during his detention in Misrata.

He added in a statement for Libya News24 that he was arrested in 21 October 2011 and transported to a prison in the city with a list of charges.

He pointed that he was interrogated for many times by a number of parties, was referred to the court that acquitted him from all charges.

Qaddaf Al- Dam said that the court was integrated with judges, prosecution, lawyers and allegation. He pointed that verdict hearing was held in an ambulance because of his bad health condition.

He mentioned that he was welcomed well in Tobroq when he arrived to the airport, Monday, and that his health condition is bad to some extent, and he will go for treatment in Egypt.

He confirmed that he wasn’t denied from writing inside the prison, pointing that they read and knew what he wrote and read it.

Qaddaf Al- Dam arrived, Monday, to Tobroq from Misrata where he was detained for four years.