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Clashes between IS and Shura Council in Derna


Clashes broke out during the past 2 days around city of Derna between Islamic Stated (IS) armed militants, fighters from Derna Shura Council of Mujahdeen, and a number of city youth.

Eye witnesses and media sources explain that at least 7 IS fighters were killed in fight in areas of Al-Fta’eh and Al-Sahel, in addition to Al-zahr Al-ahmar and Al-Arbo’oma’ah axis, and Al-Shwa’er valley.

An affiliated page to Derna Shura Council of Mujahdeen,on social media, said that IS members blew up some houses while council’s fighters were making progress in Al-Fta’eh area.

The council’s fighters exploded an IS armored car and killed a sniper in Al-Arbo’oma’ah axis.