Home News Unknowns attack the Turkish Consulate in Misrata

Unknowns attack the Turkish Consulate in Misrata


An unknown group attacked the Turkish consulate by grenades in Misrata.

The Libyan news agency reported that, the incident didn’t result in damages or causalities.

The attackers used a Mitsubishi brand car, threw a grenade that bounced off the building’s wall and exploded outside the building, according to an eye-witness.

The incident was monitored through surveillance cameras. Tapes are being inspected by security authorities. The consulate was closed until further notice.

The foreign minister in the rescue government discussed with the Turkish consulate on Sunday, in the ministry’s headquarter in Misrata, measurements to ease travel and mobility between Turkey and Libya.

The minister said that, the meeting aimed at searching the ability of easing mobility between both countries. “We proposed to the consul to grant permission to issue visas to some tourism agencies to ease things upon the consulate in Misrata,” He added.

“The decision to impose visas is a sovereignty matter of Turkey and we have nothing to do with it,” the foreign minister noted.