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National accord government … challenges and priorities


By: Emhemmed Ali Haweesah*

Libya’s destiny, between stabilization or collapse, is being decided in the Moroccan city of Skhirat. After shuffle rounds and difficult negotiations between Libyan rivals starting from Ghadames to Skhirat, Geneva, Istanbul, neighbor Tunisia and Algeria; the United Nations Special Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) announced lately political agreement draft between parties of the conflict, which is massive improvement in the talks. Libyans have no other choice but to bless the step and wait for what will come out of the next decisive round to sign, and adhere to what is agreed upon.

One of the prominent outcomes of this agreement is to initiate the formation of a unity government, one that is legitimate and can control the country, which is positive and acceptable to resolve the situation and save the country of its division and Diaspora.

Will the anticipated government succeed in what previous ones failed politically, security and economically? Will it get the needed fund from inside and outside to extend its authority on the ground and get the country out of its chaos and failure to safety and stability.

Actually, what previous governments showed of inability to control and find solutions to problems and crisis in Libya puts the national accord government and its executive governments on the stake, and tests its performance and achievement. Puts it in front of difficult challenge with two twists that could bring it down, or may be stimulate it to work more effectively to impose its authority and regain prestige of the state and role of law.

Although what is Libya going through from chaos and severe division because of intense political and armed struggle under slogans, thoughts and ideologies that fueled the conflict, sparked fighting and bloodshed, wasted powers and wealth and caused fractions to the Libyan society.

But the unity government’s ability to achieve compatibility successes, reduce consequences of the crisis and strengthen chances to build the state comes with:

First: choose impartial honest persons, qualified for important posts in the state to hold full historical responsibility in this exceptional situation.

Second: push towards reconciliation, trust and unity; officials and decision makers should exercise wisdom, put the sake of the government over soundly, tribal conflicts that drawn the country to abyss.

Third: create implementation mechanism can overcome very complicated political and security situations, take timing into account, focusing on the current interim stage aims at general reforms in state institutions, including:

  • Take all necessary measures to keep national sovereignty, activate security, supervisory, judicial institutions, protect frontiers, stop all smuggling and irregular migration, be decisive with outlawed personals.
  • Addressing the threat of terrorism of all its kinds and names, dry its sources, confront and contain counter-revolution, empowers noble goals and values of February revolution.
  • reforming military institution, develop the army and its cadres, remove and held accountable all those who caused national split (from military men), contributed to the destroy of public and private properties, impeded state institutions regardless of his affiliations.
  • Activate the role of the police, provide all means of support for security personals to do its job in protecting citizens and preserve civil peace.
  • Accelerating the referendum on the constitution, it is the only assurance for political and security stability.
  • Dissolve all armed militias, confiscate its weapons for the legitimate authority, conjoin those who want to the army and police, or to available civil job.
  • Work to return all displaced to their homes and provide all means of adequate safe and stable live.
  • Oblige defense and interior ministries to collect weapons from individuals and groups all over the country, with all means during certain time table.
  • Accelerate the trial of previous regime figures in prisons, bring fugitives abroad (for their direct involvement in fueling Sedition and conflicts all over the country).
  • Freeze any activities of all parties till the declaration of the constitution, seek to finish disputes between different political currents.
  • Firmly confront all pressures or interferences from outside international parties, internal military entities, organizations, or parties, and take all legal deterrent measures.
  • Protect and develop oil facilities and spare it from any political vocal disputes. put strategies to revive national economy and activate economical and industrial activities. Support small projects for the youth.

The mission will be difficult, to many challenges with the current circumstances, but there is nothing impossible with national honest will and determination.

All Libyans should have honest intentions to build momentum to raise with the country, move it from chaos to Prosperity and stability.

*A Libyan Writer

 Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source