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A military group sieges Ali Hasan Al-Jaber battalion

Colonel Mohamed Boghafir - Internet

A military group affiliated to retired General Khalifa Haftar sieged and tried to take over the headquarters of Ali Hasan Al-Jaber battalion in Al-Baida city.

A source, refused to be identified, said that, a group from military intelligence, internal security in Al-Baida, and armed persons from Al-Marj city took part in the act, according to Press Solidarity news agency.

The battalion commander, Colonel Mohamed Boghafir, elaborated that personnel from Aljabal Security Directorate and a battalion from Almarj sieged the battalion’s headquarters. The cause, as stated by the doers, was lack of coordination between battalion’s commander and Haftar, in the ongoing fight against Shura Council of Mujahdeen in Derna against IS in Al-fta’eh area East Derna.

Boghafir expects that tribal mediations may end the siege imposed on the battalion. He also sees the incident as a war against February revolution led by “remnants of the former regime”. Boghafir accused Haftar affiliates of assisting IS by pushing his battalion out of the military operations in Al-fta’eh axis East Derna.

Boghafir had split from “Operation Dignity” led by Haftar. The battalion has lately joined fight next to forces of Shura Council of Mujahdeen against IS in Derna.

The battalion denounced “the religious and military terrorism”, a step was called by monitors as a hard hit to operation dignity camp.

Last Tuesday, nearly 35 armed vehicles headed to Al-fta’eh area, last IS stronghold, after coordinating with Shura council of Mujahdeen in Derna and rebels and military persons from Tobrok.

Haftar supporters fear movements against operation dignity by military personnel and rebels in East Libya cities that was pro-Haftar earlier, including Al-Baida and Tobrok.

Haftar and his supporters, reportedly, didn’t like progress made by Boghafir, as his success in fighting IS will diminish Haftar’s last rule in the Libyan scene, weaken his stance in front of his regional supporters. Haftar also wants the war against IS to be exclusive to Operation Dignity.å