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Disputes over control of Al-Saberi in Benghazi

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Sources close to Operation Dignity say that, its forces has controlled Al-Saberi neighborhood in Benghazi, after shelling sites under the control of Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries.

On the other side, sources from  Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries assert that council’s forces killed 10 of Operation Dignity personnel in an ambush.

Sources add that, the council’s forces maintain control over its sites in Al-Saberi, denying news about operation dignity forces gaining control.

The retired general Khalifa Haftar who leads Operation Dignity launched, on September 19th, a new operation under the name of “Doom” (AL-Hatf) aiming at freeing Benghazi from “radical groups” as described.

Haftar forces announced in a statement “killing 7 and capturing 9 from IS forces in Al-sabery axis”.

A spokesperson from the Special Forces said that an ambulance from Battalion-17 was targeted in Al-Mhashhash axis, Sunday evening, according to the Libyan News Agency. RBJ missiles were used in the attack by “armed terrorists”, crew suffered moderate injuries, he added.

Libyan movements and associations in Benghazi announced forming a supporting front for the army under Haftar’s leadership to fight terrorist groups and extremist Islamic militias under the name of “Libyan National Fighting Front”.

The front joins groups include October 15th youth movement, the Democratic National movement, the Honorable Association, the Libyan Activists association, the Association of Libyan Intellectuals and Writers, the Libyan movement for Dialogue, Reconciliation and Unity.

Libyan legal adviser, Salaheddin Abdul-Kareem elaborated that the Front’s goal is to support army forces in its war of restoring Libyan, rid it of terrorism and terrorists, and restore safety for the Libyans.

“Founding for a pure and permanent Libyan national reconciliation without outside intervention, and to thwart all conspiracies so that the nation comes back to its people,” he added.

Chief of the House of Representatives, HoR, Ageela saleh, demanded the International Community to contribute to rebuilding Libya and arming its army. Ageela, in his speech in front of the United Nations General Assembly, published Sunday, viewed the security, political, and economic situations in Libya, outlining the challenges ahead of the Libyans, after terrorist groups were able to spread into parts of the country with assistance and support from some countries.

HoR chief demanded political support from the International Community for the country’s legitimate authorities to help settling down security and political situations. He added that, the Libyan expect that from international actors.

The UN refused to provide arms, fearing that Libya may turn into an arms warehouse, the thing that could intense chaos the extremists benefit from.

Sources suggest that, the main reason of banning arming is Haftar who isn’t trusted by main countries, since he was ex-prisoner, and given his history in Chad war in the eighties of the past century when he was the military commander assigned by Qaddafi.