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The dialogue .. Leon and the nonsense of Today’s rulers


By: Obeid Al-Rageeg*

No doubt that UN special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, has been putting a lot of effort in pushing his task in Libya to success, to reach consensus among clashing ruling parties. He is searching for a way to success according to his calculations whichعبيد الرقيق sometimes make him contradict with his own stances in order to reach his goal in every way.

Of course, he is working hard to achieve consensus by reaching an agreement between the Libyan rivals in an effort to form one government the world can deal with smoothly and without any considerations.

As much as he wants Libyans to unite and come out of the political divide status, he wants to add personal success to his resume about dealing with political crisis, and it is his right to do so.

Logically, Leon’s abilities shouldn’t be doubted, and he shouldn’t be accused in terms of conspiracy theory as he is no more than a UN employee assigned to specified task with specified time and type.

It is also logical that he has his own calculations depending on his analysis and vision that may occasionally match one side’s view.

The illogical part is that some say he holds responsibility for what situations turned into in Libya of division and saying that he works according to a private agenda.

It is extremely strange too that this accusation comes from both conflict sides. How come he can be working for 2 different and contradicting agendas at the same time?!

The Libyan disease lies in the ruling group distributed in an expired General National Congress (GNC) insisting on staying by force, and a paralyzed born House of Representatives (HoR) that delusions ruling Libya while having nothing but its election decision and the world’s recognition.

This is the nonsense of whom claim ruling Libya, both bodies lack actual control and representation of Libyans, given the principals of their election.

Both talks’ sides have neither the requirements of negotiation, nor the control and discipline for post-agreement phase, so the world will be surprised of their inability in the first practical step to arrange for what comes after the national accord government.

Leon and the world politicians know that well, that is why focus was put into forming one accord government the world deals with, away from both bodies.

That was one of Leon’s hidden arrangements that many didn’t know, which made him give statements and compliments for both teams hopefully, he may reach consensus over the government after posts were divided equally between them and they were satisfied.

We should admit that, the maximum point of possible understanding between rivals won’t exceed forming the government which is undoubtedly a big gain for the Libyan case given the current hazardous division, existence of 2 governments in East and West.

At least it will be easy for the world to deal with the new government politically and militarily, and it will be possible to set financial and economic matters in unified channels which will cut corruption rates, consequently curb the speed of economic meltdown.

The talks Libyan needs isn’t of pixie rulers imposed by chance, but talks that gather all Libyan shades with no exceptions for any one.

Precisely its parties are (representatives of all cities and tribes + representatives of February advocates + representatives of September advocates + representatives of displaced communities, home and abroad).

These are the components of the Libyan people, those own the keys to the game and can, if agreed, set the situations, follow up the execution of what was reached and guaranteeing success and application.

Is there anyone to whisper or scream in the ears of Leon and the UN to tell them the truth that some try to hide to lengthen the time of chaos and nonsense governments? Will the second step after the national accord government be an actual community dialogue that includes all Libyan shades and founds the new Libyan state the Libyan wish for?

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source