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Leon doesn’t see the HoR and its government qualified

Libya Al-Mostakbal

By: Omar Elkeddi*

One day after the publication of the amendments to the political agreement initialed by all parties, except the General National Congress (GNC), Brigadier General saqr AlJuroshi, commander ofOmar Elkeddi air forces, ordered to prevent the Prime Minister Abdallah Al-thini and his escorted envoy from leaving Alabraq airport heading to Malta, in an action that underscores the hard circumstances in which the government and House Of Representatives (HoR) are working, as they turned to be hostages to some eastern tribes and military men who failed, until now, to liberate Al-Sabery and Souq Al-hout.

Since the Libyan crises became international, Libyans had less cards than regional and international powers. Major powers, like the US and Britain, pictured what is happening in Libya as a strife between two rival sides for power, not a conflict between one legitimate part that won elections, and another coup one that failed in the elections so it turned up the game by occupying Tripoli. That’s why they insist the two sides have to negotiate for power sharing.

This was made clear by the US ambassador, Deborah Jones, when she justified her country’s position by saying that “we can’t have elections without constitution”, and cited what happened in her country when founding fathers agreed first on constitution then headed for elections, ignoring the fact that Libya had constitutional Declaration, with two elected parliaments in which Islamists failed.

That was the position of the former president of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Tarek Mitri, but his obvious bias and desperate defence for Islamists cost him his credibility. But Leon decided, from the beginning, to follow in Mitri’s steps but in different way, by putting everyone in this infernal ring moving from Ghdames to Geneva to Shkirate. through all those shuffle rounds, he watered hope here, threatens with international sanctions there, he managed to soften the positions of some who refused to make any concession, and succeeded to reduce differences as far as possible, but some points still need more discussion.

Last Sunday, Leon surprised the House of Representatives (HoR) delegate with amendments of the Accord they singed, forcing HoR to recall his envoy from Shkirate, rejecting any modifications, it also decided to extend its mandate after it ends in October, so Libya would have two expired parliaments still vying for power.

Why Leon can’t see that HoR and its government can lead the country? Because their performance was poor, then, what we’ll say about the resignation of the minister Mohmaed Aldairy, and the circumstances of enabling new Libyan ambassador of his post in Cairo, and the actions of former ambassador Fayez Gebril? All of whom were affiliated to the HoR and its government.

Such actions make the international community lose confidence in HoR and the government, regardless of what vision major powers have for Libya’s future.

Aldairy was excluded for refusing to appoint or extend for diplomats abroad who belong to certain tribes in the eastern region. Until now we don’t know exactly why deputy Prime Minister Almahdy Allabad was excluded, if he was involved in corruption so the international community would fear of a corrupt government, and if he was innocent, the world won’t trust a government that fires its deputy based on false pretenses.

And till now we don’t know why former Interior minister, Omar Alsenky, was dismissed, whose house in Misrata and Tripoli were set on fire.

Last Monday, only 30 members attended the HoR session to discuss the amendments to Skhirat agreement, while presidency was absent. I heard from insiders that the HoR chief, Ageela Saleh Quider, was in Al-Marg to mediate in a dispute, I don’t know if it is a tribal one or a dispute between the Prime Minister and General Khalifa Haftar, and it seems that he failed in it when Al-Jurushi banned Al-Thini from traveling to Malta to attend a conference the National Oil Corporation prepared for with more than 30 contracting oil companies.

The conference aimed at agreeing to transfer oil revenues to the central Bank in Al-Baida. It seems that Al-Jurushi, who used to fly in the skies, didn’t know how important this conference was to the government.

What will happen if the agreement fails? Mostly, Leon will resign as he is promised to be the foreign minister in his country, United Nations Secretary-General will assign a new envoy to Libya who will start from where Leon stopped, then the expired HoR will meet the expired GNC again in the ring like before Leon arrive in Libya.

Given the inability to hold legislative elections or constitution referendum, there is a trend, especially in the eastern area to form a ruling military council headed by Haftar, but if Haftar can’t be in Benghazi, how can he reach Tripoli, the capital city?

It seems that all options lead to a blocked road, except for continuing Skhirat talks. Whatever the talks’ results are, it is still the best way to save the country from its crisis.

Even if the GNC controlled the State Council, Prime Minister was chosen away from all lists, which I heard from a source in Tunisia, he asserted that the Prime Minister was chosen.

*A Libyan Writer

 Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source