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Italy denies its involvement in the killing of Al-Maskhout


The Italian foreign ministry denied on Saturday, its involvement in the assassination of Salah Al-Maskhout, a leader of an armed faction, and suspected of being responsible for human trafficking towards Europe.

The ministry issued an official statement, it said “the ministry decisively denies what the media said about the involvement of special Italian forces in Libya in the killing of Salah Al-Maskhout”.

The General National Congress (GNC) chairman, Nouri Abousahmain accused, in a statement for a British newspaper, “Italian military men” of executing the assassination.

According to Italian media, Al-Maskhout was the leader of an armed militia in Zuwara, western of Tripoli, and was an officer in the army before Gaddafi was ousted.

It is thought that he was leading a migrant smuggling ring from Libya to Italy.

On another side, one of Al-Mashkout’s close friends, said that it is not true that Al-Mashkout is a militia man, “he is only a Libyan businessman, and he doesn’t lead any armed group.”

Most of Libyan media published the news about Al-Mashkout killing, but it turned out to be untrue and he is still alive unharmed.