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Bohashem: UNSMIL apologized to HOR


The spokesperson for the House of Representatives (HoR) Farag Bohashem said, the UN Special Mission in Libya officially apologized for its remarks in which it condemned the military operations in Benghazi.

Bohashem confirmed in a statement, Sunday, that HoR formally protested against UNSMIL statement concerning Doom operation launched by Libyan armed forces; as he expressed.

Bohashem pointed that Doom Operation is carried by Libyan armed forces against global terrorism, adding that armed forces are under the command of HoR and derives its legitimacy from the internationally recognized parliament’s legitimacy and the government emanating from it.

He added “if the UN has to condemn anything, then it should condemn terrorist’s acts committed by outlawed militias”.

UNSMIL previously condemned military operations in Benghazi, considering it as escalation that undermines the political dialogue, and targets civilians.