Home Reports Rains impedes movement in Tripoli and causes fire in Zuwara

Rains impedes movement in Tripoli and causes fire in Zuwara


Number of Libyan cities witnessed heavy rains, yesterday, in the second day of Eid Al-Adha, with heavy rains fell from the morning in the capital city Tripoli.

Some sources inside Tripoli said that many areas and streets in the middle of the city, and nearby areas, were flooded with water that disrupted traffic.

Social media pages posted appeals to the authorities to intervene, as the infrastructure is so damaged and ineligible to absorb floods that clogged drainage channels. Some citizens called water suction cars after their homes were flooded with rains.

According to sources, a woman died in Qasr Ben-Ghashir because of electrical fault caused by heavy rains. Some old buildings crumbled in many neighbourhoods.

On the other side, rains fell on agriculture areas surrounding Tripoli and beyond, where citizens were rejoiced at rains coming early this year.

In Zuwara, sources said that a huge fire broke in gas station. They added that primary investigations showed that rain water entered ground reservoirs which led to fuel leak, the fire badly damaged the station and some nearby cars, that fire reached with the flow of water, but no human losses was reported.