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NCHRL calls for aid for the injured and displaced


The National Committee for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) expressed it grave concern about the mounting acts of violence, and tribal clashes in Al- Kofra between armed men from Al-Tabu and Azwaih.

The Committee said in a statement on Monday, that those clashes lead to dozens of deaths and injuries. It has displaced more than 100 families, according to Libya Almostakbal website.

The Committee added that both parties bear full legal responsibility for the victims, and injuries between citizens. It called for an immediate ceasefire and indiscriminate shelling that was against civilians and their properties, and endangering citizens’ lives.

The statement said that the armed tribal clashes displaced more than 100 families; it also warned the two parties of the consequences of targeting citizens through bombing using heavy arms.

The Committee appealed to the Council of Elders, Shura and Libyan authorities to take urgent measures to achieve a ceasefire to end the violence, and find a way to ease tensions between both parties. It asked rival parties to open humanitarian corridors for rescue teams; and it called the Red Crescent to evacuate the injured and citizens stranded in the conflict zone.

The statement asked the Libyan Red Crescent and Libyan Authority for immediate aid, to quickly provide medical, humanitarian aid for the victims and displaced.