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Justice and Construction party condemns Doom Operation


Justice and Construction party (Aladala wa Albenaa), the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, denounced in a statement issued on Sunday, the “terrorist actions that target civilians randomly in Benghazi” undertaken by retired General Khalifa Haftar forces; according to the statement description.

The statement added that, this military action “reveals how bankrupt is the terrorism and tyranny”, stating that, ” the main goal of this military escalation is stumbling the talks”. 

The statement also welcomed the response of United Nations Support Mission in Libya, UNSMIL, which refused the military escalation in the city and asked the international community to “take punitive actions against who undertake crimes against humanity”.

The party’s announcement condemned the on-going “terrorist actions” done by army forces under Haftar’s leadership and the name of “Operation Dignity”, that started over a year ago and resulted in bloodshed, massive destruction, families’ displacement, disintegration of the social fabric and the growth of terrorism, according to the statement.

“The party condemns the military escalation witnessed by Benghazi nowadays, which revealed the extent of bankruptcy reached by terrorism and tyranny under the name of Operation Doom (Al-Hatf), to confirm Haftar’s persistence to commit more crimes against civilians with no deterrent. The party asserts that the main goal of this escalation is stumbling the talks and minimizing the chances of reaching consensus on a political agreement for the Libyan crisis”, the statement read.

Justice and Development party demanded the exclusion of people who turned against the democratic process and waged war on Libyans, so that a real consensus, that gathers Libyans and paves for reconciliation and stability can be achieved.

The party called all parties to take the historic responsibility and accelerate forming national accord government that is able to restore security and stability, and bring back life to Benghazi and the whole nation.

The party also welcomed UNSMIL’s condemn to the acts in Benghazi and called the international community to take punitive actions against who commit against-humanity crimes.