Home News Clashes between Tabu and Zwayya tribes South Libya

Clashes between Tabu and Zwayya tribes South Libya


Ten people were killed and 12 wounded in clashes between Al-Tabu and Al-Zwayya tribes in AL-Kofra city, South Libya, according to a security source.

Al-Kofra National Security Administration spokesperson, Mohamed Khalil, said that the north areas of the city witnessed an armed attack by a group affiliated to Al-Tabu tribe.

Khalil elaborated that 10 people from Al-Tabu tribe, including a child girl, died in the clashes. Twelve other persons suffer from varied injuries.

The conflict between the 2 tribes has started in February last year. Al-Zwayya tribe accuses Al-Tabu of attacking Al-Kufra city with assistance from “Chadian mercenaries”.

On the other hand, Al-Tabu tribe insists that the attack was on them, referring to “Genocide” against them. Al-Tabu also called for the United Nations to intervene in the case.