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Bohashem urges Arab League to discuss the Libyan situation


The House Of Representatives, HoR, spokesperson, Faraj Bohashem, appealed to the Arab League, on behalf of the HoR, to convene an emergency session on the Arab summit level, toابوهاشم discuss the Libyan situation, and its serious developments in response to the UN special envoy statement, which equals between the national Libyan army and the extremist groups in Benghazi city, according to what he said.

Bohashem expressed the HoR condemnation for what was stated by the UN special envoy in Libya, Bernardino Leon, about the on-going war in Benghazi, between the Libyan army and the extremist groups, which are classified “terrorists” by the both HOR and the Security Council. 

Bohashem described the UN Mission statement as contradictory, and said that the HOR considers it unacceptable to intervene in Libya’s internal affairs, especially that those groups are the main cause of the current unstable situation in Libya.

He added “we would like to remind the UN Mission that we are so close to achieve an agreement, and national reconciliation in the process mediated by the UN, and see that statement irresponsible and directs the dialogue in the wrong direction”. 

United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) condemned, what it called the military escalation in Benghazi, and considered the timing of the airstrikes, announced by the retired General Khalifa Haftar, aims at undermining the on-going efforts to end the conflict. 

The UNSMIL said in its latest statement, that “the recent escalation would deny the population of the city from the hope they had to celebrate the Eid festivities in peace”, and pointed that the city suffered for a long time. The UNSMIL statement came one day after Haftar announced on Saturday, the beginning of Operation Doom “hatf” against the extremists in Benghazi. 

In reference to the possible collapse of the dialogue mediated by the UN, the chairman of the General National Congress, Nouri Abusahmain,  asked the GNC and its delegation to suspend their participation in the dialogue protesting what he described as, Haftar’s military escalation in Benghazi and the HoR support. 

Also, Abdel-Rahman Swehli, a member of GNC envoy, announced on Saturday, in televised comments, that the envoy is looking into suspending its participation in the Dialogue, in protest against the military escalation carried out by Haftar in Benghazi.