Home News Algeria condemns the latest airstrikes in Benghazi

Algeria condemns the latest airstrikes in Benghazi


Algeria called on all Libyan parties to abide by wisdom and prudence, and to stop all hostilities in the city of Benghazi.

The Algerian foreign ministry strongly condemned, in a statement, the military escalation, the city of Benghazi witnessed, especially the latest airstrikes. 

The statement said “these military actions push away any chance for peaceful solution, and undermine the efforts that have been made by the United Nations and the neighboring countries to reach a solution for the crisis, besides, it intimidates the citizens of the city and increases their suffering”.

The statement called on all parties to Adhere to wisdom and self-control and to avoid any actions that affect the coherence of the Libyans. It warned that those actions would squander any opportunity for Libyans to overcome the current distress and embark on building the state of law and its institutions. 

Algeria also confirmed its commitment to support Libya to continue its dialogue under the supervision of the UN.