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UN Envoy Calls for Ceasefire in Benghazi


The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) condemned the military escalation in Benghazi, confirming that the timing of the airstrikes clearly aims at undermining the on-going efforts to end the conflict.

In its statement, the (UNSMIL) warned, today, that the recent airstrikes, took place in Benghazi on Saturday, would increase the suffering of the city’s population at a time when the Libyan people are preparing to mark Eid al-Adha, it added ” This latest escalation will certainly deny them the hope they have to celebrate the Eid festivities in peace and calm”. According to the (UNSMIL)  website.

UNSMIL sees the airstrikes as a clear attempt to undermine and derail the on-going efforts to end the conflict. It assured that the on-going dialogue process and a political settlement, that ensures inclusion, balance and consensus, is the only solution for Libya.

It also confirmed that the military solution is not viable in Libya, and called on officials and influential personalities who support the political dialogue process to use their influence and leverage to de-escalate the military situation on the ground.

The statement called for immediate cessation of hostilities in Benghazi and across Libya, and called on Libyan parties to desist from any escalation and to give the on-going dialogue in Skhirat the chance to successfully conclude in the coming hours.

The statement said “Libyan parties have a historic opportunity to reach an agreement that ends the divisions and suffering, and allows for a new page to be turned in Libya”.

The Mission also asked for immediate cessation of all indiscriminate attacks against civilians, warning that attacks against civilians could constitute war crimes and that those responsible will be fully held accountable.

On the other side, El Jalaa Hospital for surgery and accidents  received the bodies of  five civilians, including an 8 years old girl, died after a shell hit  Alsabkha buildings in Al-Salmani area in Benghazi, Saturday night.

The hospital said that the girl’s name is Israa Gomaa Soltan Alfergani, 8 years old. Her sister, Nour Al-Huda 10 years, was hurt with shrapnel in the leg and had a surgery in the hospital. The hospital defined three of the injured as, Saleh Saied Bleaid, 26 years, Abdel- Raheem Saleh Abdallah, 48 years, and Miloud Ali Mohamed, 37 years.

Many Populated areas in Benghazi witness, from time to time, rounds of shelling that killed and wounded tones of civilians.

Retired General Khalifa haftar announced, Saturday, the launching of Doom process ” Al Hatf” that aims to settle the fight against armed militias in Benghazi.

Haftar met with officers and military leaders, and issued his orders for pilots in Banina airbase, and the leaders in the west axis to bomb the positions of those armed groups, which are, according to him, the Libyan Franchise of IS, and Ansar Al-Shareia.

The Doom process follows Dignity process, that took a whole year without accomplishing its goals set by Haftar in the early stages, and it comes in the middle of the attempts of Libyan parties to reach a solution for the crises, with the demands of the The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to cease fire in order to reach peaceful solutions.

In the same context, civil Benghazi gatherings unionconfirmed that it made a comprehensive inventory of the displaced families in the city by generalized questionnaire.

The final results of the questionnaire showed that the total number of the displaced families is 47 thousand families, or about 300 thousand people, from 25 neighborhoods in Benghazi in 6 districts.