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HoR rejects agreement reached by its envoy in Skhirat


The House of Representatives, HoR, in Tobrok, East Libya, said that it rejects the agreement reached in Skhirat between its envoy and boycotting HoR members. HoR’s response comes only one day before the announced date for signing an agreement to end the conflict in Libya.

On the same time, United Nations Support Mission in Libya, UNSMIL, is preparing a modified political agreement, in addition to suggesting names for the national accord government to be put to voting by the sides of the conflict.

The Parliamentary Committee for Following the Emergency Situations published a statement on the HoR official website to elaborate on the issue. “While welcoming the meeting held between HoR members and boycotters, the committee believes that; what the envoy did is considered an implementation of the draft before being finally adopted by all the participants in the talks”, the statement read.

According to the statement, “the envoy’s task in Skhirat was holding meetings not making commitments, so what came in its statement isn’t considered obligating to the HoR”.

UNSMIL spokesperson, Sameer Ghattas, said on Saturday: “the envoy of the General National Congress arrived Saturday morning at Skhirat despite logistic difficulties”, according to AFP.

Ghattas welcomed the GNC’s envoy return, asserting that it shows determination and desire in reaching a solution. “We appreciate that, we will be working with them for today and tomorrow”, Ghattas stated.

“For HoR envoy, we were notified with their desire to go back to Tobrok to submit a report to the HoR before going to Skhirat”, Ghattas said.

Ghattas also explained that, “we sent message to HoR chief, Ageela Saleh, and it was decided that; the chief of Tobrok parliament envoy, Mohamed Sho’eb, will stay in Skhirat, while the envoy member, Abubakr Buera, will return to submit a report”.

Buera ruled out reaching final agreement before September 20th, he also suggested that the HoR should hold a session after Al-Adha feast, on September 28th, to vote on the UN new proposal.

Last Friday, UN special envoy, Bernardino Leon, announced reaching an agreement between the envoy of the HoR, and the boycotting members “for the immediate start in tackling the new transitional phase in Libya”.

Boycotting HoR members skipped sessions after attending the first ones for reasons, most of them, relate to the safety of their families amid chaos and insecurity in Libya.