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Zolton under the control of Tribes’ Army

Tribal army control Zolton - internet

Affiliated forces to the Tribes’ Army were able, during the last 2 days, to enter Zolton town in the Western side of Libya under the name of the Arab Libyan Army -a Dignity Operation affiliate-, according to local sources.

Sources say that the forces’ entrance came as an answer to calls from officials in Zolton, after a strike in the numbers of armed robberies, thefts and kidnappings. On the other hand, a number of residents show concern about situations getting worse after the forces came in town.

In last June, a tribal reconciliation was signed authorizing the Libyan Army to enter the cities of Al-Jmeal, Regdaleen, and Zolton, while ordering the Libya Dawn forces to withdraw to Zuwara.

Residents fear army’s control on the area as it deals socially with locals according to identity and political affiliation.

Zolton is located in a dangerous border area, residents asked successive governments, since Qaddafi’s fall, to consider these factors, but calls fell on deaf ears. Zolton was, for long periods, a stronghold for Qaddafi regime affiliates.

During the past months the area witnessed fierce clashes between the  Tribes’ Army and Libya Dawn forces in a trial to control, the near to Zolton, Ras Ejdeer border. Tunisia, then, announced the maximum alert state.