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IS militants attack Mitiga Prison

Mitiga backyard fence -Internet

A source told LIBYAPROSPECT that an armed group attacked the Special Deterrent Forces headquarters, Friday morning (19/9/2015) at 6:00 A.M. The gunmen headed to the Mitiga Reform and Rehabilitation Foundation, and attacked the guarding forces with grenades and explosive (suicide) belts. The attackers targeted guards and prisoners, and tried to smuggle prisoners convicted on terrorism charges, they also provided them with weapons and grenades.

A source from the special deterrent forces affirmed that the attack, launched by IS members, was aborted, and it aimed at smuggling imprisoned IS militants.

Six of the 7 attackers were killed, according to the source. The seventh attacker was captured, whilst the death toll amongst the forces reached 3. The source affirmed that the situation at the prison is under control and prisoners are fine.

The attack was held from the backyard of Mitiga base, by blowing up fences, and sneaking between apartment buildings and the mosque.

Social media pages affiliated to IS reported that; “A contravention group” from IS tried to break into the special deterrent forces headquarters inside Mitiga airport.

Last Monday, a car bomb exploded near the First Support Unit headquarters in Souq Al-Juma’a, East Libya. No human causalities were reported due to the attack. Security forces arrested the attackers.

Some observers linked travel warnings issued by American state Department to major attacks in Libya. They note that attacks usually follow warning statements, in which U.S warns its citizens from visiting Libya and ordering the existing nationals to leave immediately due to “insecure conditions”. State Department issued on Wednesday its latest travel warning to its nationals.