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SDF: Algarmy died fighting the attackers of Maetiga prison


The Special Deterrence Force, SDF in Tripoli, confirmed the death of the prisoner Khairy Algarmy, while thwarting, along with elements from the SDF, terrorist elements that attacked Mitiga

Khairy Algarmy
Khairy Algarmy

prison, Friday morning, which houses prisoners of terrorism cases.

The SDF said that Algarmy is the commander of the public guard in Souq Al- Jomaa, and a prisoner in Mitiga prison, and a well known figure in his area.

The force added that Algarmy fought with their fighters against IS elements, as the fighters opened his cell, gave him a weapon and grenades, he engaged strongly with the attackers along with the SDF.

In a statement, the SDF said “ we, the SDF, condole ourselves and the families of the martyrs, and ask God to accept the duty martyrs who were killed by treacherous hands today morning, Mohamed Alnaggar, Essam Alkhowilady and Ismail Algelani. We ask God to grant us protection and accept them as martyrs”.

The statement added “ we want to declare that we lost one of the prisoners who fought beside SDF fighters, during the perfidious intrusion, Khairy Algarmy from Wersheffana city, we ask God to accept him with the martyrs”.