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Libya between GNC’s modifications and HoR’s Refusal


The General National Congress, GNC, gathered on Thursday in Tripoli to discuss the draft resolution and point to any comments about it.

According to a close source to the GNC, some actors are dissatisfied with some terms of the potential agreement with House of Representatives, HoR, whilst others support starting to choose candidates for the national accord government.

But it seems that there is no consensus inside the GNC, and it also shows that it is the GNC who discussed fear about the future of rebels, because the draft didn’t determine their fate.

Reportedly, the GNC building was broken into, whilst the session was in progress to stop members from signing the draft that was to be signed yesterday, according to a knowledgeable source.

A number of protesters attacked the GNC building in Tripoli, during the meeting, demanding that the draft should preserve “the blood of martyrs” and deal equally with all Libyans.

A member of the political committee in the GNC, Mousa Farag, denied what spread through social media websites, that the group that broke into the headquarters on Thursday, were armed or extremist.

Farag said “Male and female citizens expressed mannerly and in courteous words their demands and their refusal to the draft presented by the UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, saying that it is imbalanced. They also called for the Talks envoy not to go to Skhirat, and the GNC to halt the session. They stayed inside the hall for about 50 minutes before going out to the hallways”. According to “Libya Al-Mostakbel” website.

Farag added that “the GNC adhered to its inner system procedures and decided to send the Talks envoy to Skhirat on Friday”.

On the other side, according to the 30 members who met last week in the HoR in Tobrok, they said that the HoR may withdraw permanently from the on-going political talks sponsored by the UN to form a government of national accord. According to sources, the step that might be taken after Leon approved the GNC’s conditions that engage Militias in the Libyan army, as stated by the 30 members of HoR who met up stated.

leonEven Leon, when he called for the factions of the dialogue to go back to Skhirat to continue negotiations, and stated that the doors of the dialogue are not closed, he confirmed that the ones from the HoR who refused the last amendments on the agreement are not all of the HoR members, it’s just a small group of them.

Leon added that there is a large number of members of the HoR who have no problem with the amendments. He said that we have to come to an agreement for the sake of trust; without trust we cannot start thinking about constructing the future if Libya.

Media Sources said that the Chief of HoR, Ageela Saleh, notified Leon that the “internationally recognized HoR doesn’t accept any outside intervention in the army leadership affairs; especially as the military command is putting its efforts to face terroristالبرلمان groups”. Ageela added that any amendments will affect these efforts especially that leaders of Libya Dawn (Fajr Libyan) brigades, who Leon want engaged, have strong links with extremist terrorist groups.

HoR member, Tarek Al-Jorushi, clarified that HoR isn’t going to sign the final agreement, announced by Leon, before the 20th of September deadline.

“After signing with initial letters and closing the door for modifications, Leon sent us a message asserted that only minor modifications will be allowed, but we were surprised that the proposed ones are essential and talks path has changed in a way that harms the rights of the Libyans and Libyan state”, Al-Jorushi elaborated in statements to media.

Al-Jorushi pointed that the HoR recalled the talks envoy, to not sign the final agreement on September 20th announced by Leon. He added that the HoR is currently working on regulations that will allow the president to be elected directly or indirectly inside HoR to save Libya from falling into a constitutional vacuum after HoR’s term ends in October 21st.

UN Support mission in Libya has expressed hopes to sign a peace agreement between the Libyan parties by Sunday, after both, the HoR and GNC voted for adapting the new draft and to be activated in October 20th when the HoR’s term ends.

HoR member, Mosbah Doma Oheada, said that the solution to the Libya’s problem and political disputes within current crisis is “holding early parliamentary elections” sponsored by the UN.

“Early parliamentary elections is the only way to satisfy everyone, given the vagueness practiced by UNSMIL”, adding that the mission does “irresponsible actions and mix cards” Oheada said to the press.

Oheada also pointed that eagerness of negotiating Libyan parties for positions and political gains “doesn’t have anything to do with the good of the nation and Libyan nationals”, adding that elections are possible to be undertaken in all Libyan cities except for Sirte.

The Elections path, for Oheada, is the nearest way out of the political crisis and embarrassing position of Libyan in the current stage.