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Embarrassing and Convicted Situation



By: Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Henghari*

How can we describe what is said in the media earlier this week about the physical and moral assault the Prime Minister, Albdallah Al-Thinni, faced by some officers affiliated to the “national army”الهنقاري beside impeding him from traveling.

What can any person say in the face of these awkward and irresponsible actions coming from officers who are supposed to be wise and responsible for their behaviours, especially when we know that the whole situation ended with the acquiescence of the Prime Minister for all of these insults, then, that officer or officers lied down on their backs, enjoying their drinks as if nothing happened, acting innocently.

The  Prime Minister went back home disgraced, broken, helpless, can do nothing to defend his personal dignity and the dignity of the Libyan people his government is representing.

All of this, because one or more of minor officers in the Libyan state (they are regardless of their military rank) and some affiliates, to whom he pays their salaries and financial advantages every month, decided to do this in defiance and contrary to the law, general taste, morals, military duty that obliges them to perform the military salute to the Prime Minister, and to protect, respect him, not to insult and prevent him from traveling abroad.

When I heard of preventing the chief executive officer in the Libyan state, who is the Prime Minister and the chairman of the government, from leaving Alabraq airport heading to Malta in an official visit, I couldn’t believe it, and thought it was fabricated and unbelievable. And that’s because I thought that until yesterday, there are no militias or armed gangs in the areas under the control of the House of Representatives, and the only legitimate government, which I and most of the Libyans and the international institutions recognize.

I thought what exists in those areas, are only disciplined Libyan military forces, working under legitimate military command affiliated to the state and the elected HoR, which is now the highest legislature, legal and constitutional power in Libya. A command that knows the limits of its authorizations and duties. A command that can’t, and don’t dare, to prevent, insult, impede any official in the state from traveling, especially when that official is the Prime Minister himself.

I imagined that the only crazy cases in which a military officer of officers would arrest, detain or prevent the chief of the government from traveling, is when those crazy officers commit military coups, known in the underdeveloped third world countries, with which they destroy the nation and the people, destroying themselves and their families.

That disgraced rejected action made me rethink all what I said or wrote about legitimacy, which I thought was real, but turned out to be fake, and about the “national army” that I thought was the real national army fighting terrorism and defending the nation, but with this disgraceful and irresponsible actions, i see no difference between the army and any armed gang committing similar actions in the capital and other cities inside our afflicted nation, and it is no different from any milia that doesn’t have any respect for God or Libya or its officials, and insist on scorn and arrogance.

What made the situation worse, is the statement issued by the government, in which it accused an officer, by the name, and his command of committing this crime which is punished by the Libyan laws.

Any military officer in service or his command or any other officials accept to implement such folly, but such a crime, should be suspended immediately, arrested and forwarded to the military court, stripped, after convicted, from the military  ranks and expelled from the official armed forces regardless of their  position of rank in the Libyan military.

Even if all senior leaderships of the army are involved in this crime, the supreme leader of the army, who is the chairman of the HoR, should issue a decision to refer them all to retire in preparation for their trail and replacement with other qualified command knows how to respect itself, others and the law.

We should never indulge, tolerate or forgive in these critical issues that affects the dignity of the nation, and affects the required respect for the chief of the government, regardless of his personality or how we see him or his actions.

Punishing, changing or isolating the Prime Minister, is not of the responsibilities of any senior or minor military officer. It is the sole responsibility of the high sovereign authorities of the nation.

I say this, and I don’t know any of the parties involved in this shameful and unfortunate incident. I don’t know the Prime Minister nor any officer of the “ National Army”, or any of the leaders of the armed militias or gangs;  but I strongly condemn those insane, inappropriate and irresponsible actions, no matter who is behind them.

*A Libyan Writer 

 Translated by LIBYAPROSPECT source